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This work uses WebGL which is likely to have more limited support on mobile devices. For best experience use a desktop browser that supports WebGL, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

In Times Like These Audio Description

About In Times Like These

In Times Like These functions as a digital time capsule and a monument of desires in a reimagined public wishing pond that encourages anonymised private thought-sharing. It also allows participants to create and store a ‘personal deity’ in the form of a downloadable virtual coin. 

In this space, gods and ideals can be created through your writings and be preserved in the form of a virtual coin, tossed into the pond. Your digital identity becomes a part of this pool, a carrier of one’s consciousness that has left its trace in the digital realm as data and information.

deity :


divine status, quality, or nature.

the creator and supreme being

Coin throwing:

According to the legend of Rome’s Trevi Fountain,  if one throws a coin with their right hand over their left shoulder at the fountain, they will return to Rome again in the future. Regardless of the gender of the person tossing the coins, this assurance is going to be virtually guaranteed. 

About In Times Like These British Sign Language video

About In Times Like These Audio Description

About Li Yilei

Li Yilei is an artist and composer known for their experimental music, live art, and sonically-inclined site-specific installations.

Li’s body of work and musical releases reflect their practice of alternative modes of listening and existence, as well as the interdisciplinary documentation of phenomena. Being on the autistic spectrum, Li’s sensory processing issues have significantly informed their creative process, and their work can be perceived as a product of this navigation.

About Li Yilei British Sign Language video

About Li Yilei Audio Description

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